Saturday, 18 January 2014

Maddie's List of Lists

This blog is dedicated to lists of happy things and positivity:

Top 10 places Maddie wants to go (in no particular order):
1. Czech Republic
2. Morocco (again)
3. Iceland
4. Russia
5. Vietnam
6. Canada
7. Costa Rica
8. Mongolia
9. Hawaii
10. Alaska

List of Maddie's favorite things about East Dulwich:
1. It's not in central London, but it's close
2. It's adorable
3. HUGE sainsbos with a starbucks
4. The amount of cute independent little shops
5. Close to Dulwich Park
6. It's got a mysterious name (is it dulich? or dul-wich?)
7. It looks gorgeous when it's sunny & also when it's rainy (although less..)
8. Piece of Cake cafe & their brownies
9. Franklin's organic food shop
10. My cute flat

List of Maddie's favorite books:
1. The Outsiders- S. E. Hinton
2. Animal Farm- George Orwell
3. Down and Out in Paris & London
4. To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee
5. Slightly out of Focus- Robert Capa
6. Unreasonable Behaviour- Don Mccullin

List of Maddie's top 10 things to do instead of write dissertation:
1. Clean the bathroom- at least that's done
2. Check the mail - 2 new letters!
3. Rediscover blog after 2 years
4. Spend afternoon looking at other blogs
5. Go on a run
6. Keep running
7. Don't stop running
8. You can go further
9. Shower
10. Foooooooood

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